"Gerry Horgan: A Voice In The Union" (n.d.)

From CWA, Local 1103:

"This is the story of CWA Chief Steward E Gerald “Gerry” Horgan. Gerry died on Aug 15, 1989 from injuries sustained after being struck by a car, driven by a scab, while walking the picket line. On strike against the NYNEX Corporation fighting for medical benefits Gerry was the only CWA Member ever killed on a picket line. He was 34 years old."

Producer, Director, Susan Macaluso with the assistance of Murdock Communications, Inc. and the men and women of CWA, Local 1103. If you worked on or appeared in "Voice," please contact LookBack if you would like to contribute notes or reflections on the making of this memorial to this site.