4 from the Labor Video Project

The Labor Video Project is a regional media production group located in San Francisco that has been producing content since 1983, including the series Labor on the Job and Labor Line. Much of their work is available for purchase and may be viewed online here.

Rat Monday (1988)
Labor Video Project

"Thousands of San Francisco unionized construction workers walked off the job on March 7, 1988 to protest the anti-labor Associated Building Contractor's ABC convention which was being held at the Moscone convention center in San Francisco. This demonstration was one of the largest construction workers protests in San Francisco in the last thiry years. The Labor Video Project was there to record the action as well as interview many of the participants in this historic demonstration. The ABC has not been back to San Francisco since this 1988 labor protest."

Hanging Iron, After The Quake of '89 (1989)
Labor Video Project

"Hanging Iron After The Quake of '89 is a 30 minute documentary that recounts the story of the Loma Prieta Earthquake which struck the bay area on October 17, 1989. It shows how organized labor played a major role in saving lives on the collapsed Cypress Freeway and in rebuilding the collapsed section of the East Bay Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in only 30 days. This is the story of two unions in particular-the Iron Workers and Operating Engineers who worked around the clock to get the Bay Area back on its feet."

Western States Brick and Tile Contest (2006)
Labor Video Project

Apprentice Bricklayers and Tile Setters from throughout the Western United States participated in their annual contest of their skills on June 3, 2006 next to the South End Rowing Club in Fisheman's Wharf in San Francisco. This documentary video shows who these apprentices are, how they do the work, how the contest works and why the union apprentice program is vital for young workers in developing and building their skills. "

Oakland Port Protest by Teachers & Community (2007)
Labor Video Project

"On May 19,2007 OEA Oakland [California] teachers, trade unionists and community activists set up picket lines at the Port Of Oakland SSA Terminal to protest the Iraq war and to demand that the Port help fund education in the city schools. ILWU Local 10&34 members refused to cross the picket line and the terminal was closed for two shifts."