Fiat Chrysler Bailout Bandit - DC Auto Show (2010)

Fiat Chrysler Bailout Bandit - DC Auto Show (2010)
International Brotherhood of Teamsters


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Today, dozens of Teamsters who deliver new cars for a living, along with consumer activists from, handbilled outside the Washington, D.C. Auto Show and staged a song and dance action inside the show venue to demand Fiat/Chrysler not destroy the jobs that support them and their families.

Fiat/Chrysler received $14 billion in the taxpayer-funded auto bailout that was meant to help the economy and save jobs. However, the company is now moving work away from the professional carhaul companies that have delivered their vehicles to dealerships for many years. The loss of this work could put these carriers out of business, leaving up to 5,000 people without jobs and health care. And by using cut-rate carriers, Chrysler risks new cars being damaged when delivered.

“Fiat/Chrysler is moving work to less-experienced companies whose drivers are not well-trained,” said Teamsters Carhaul Division Director Fred Zuckerman. “If improperly secured and transported, new cars can sustain hidden damages to tires, rims, axles and the overall frame. This can threaten your safety and can lead to costly repair bills in the future.”

Outside the auto show, consumer activists and union members handed out leaflets to attendees that read, “Fiat/Chrysler Buyers Beware: Hidden Damages On New Cars?” while inside, demonstrators broke into a song and dance routine to raise attention of these issues to auto show attendees.

“After Fiat/Chrysler received so much taxpayer money, it’s outrageous that they would outsource good jobs to low-wage contractors,” Zuckerman said. “In this economy, America cannot afford to lose even more good jobs with good benefits. American car buyers and taxpayers, who thought Fiat/Chrysler would repay them with gratitude and loyalty instead of greed, are being betrayed."

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters was founded in 1903 and represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
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