Hugo Boss Workers Fight to Save their Jobs (2010)

Hugo Boss Workers Fight to Save their Jobs (2010)
Workers United

Dear Hollywood actors and celebrities,

Even though you may not have realized it, you were once supporting our nation's economic recovery, American jobs and Cleveland's rich 150+ year tradition of suit manufacturing...all with the simple act of purchasing the suits you love from Hugo Boss. 

Now Hugo Boss says they are planning to close their last U.S. suit-making factory, forcing over 300 workers onto the unemployment line. So in one months' time, unless you help us do something to stop it, those suits will be cheaply made in an overseas factory by an abysmally low-paid worker.

So now if you purchase or wear Hugo Boss, instead of supporting good American jobs and boosting our economy, you'll essentially be supporting the exploitation of unskilled workers in Turkey or Eastern Europe. Not to mention contributing directly to the rate at which the U.S.'s dwindling manufacturing jobs are disappearing overseas.

Not exactly the kind of feel-good clothing you want to be wearing at most highly anticipated Hollywood awards show of the year, is it? 

Danny Glover doesn't think so--and he's taking a stand with Workers United on behalf of the 300+ Hugo Boss workers in Cleveland expected to lose their jobs as a result of the plant closing. Glover is calling on his friends in the business to boycott the designer on the Red Carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards, and sport pins in solidarity. 

Academy Award attendees Glover has sent his letter and a pin to include big names such as:
Matt Damon | George Clooney | Jeff Bridges | Sean Penn | Neil Patrick Harris | Colin Firth | Morgan Freeman | Philip Seymour Hoffman | James Cameron | Woody Harrelson | Jeremy Renner | Stanley Tucci | Lee Daniels
We've already found out that frequent Hugo Boss wearer and best actor nominee Colin Firth will be wearing Tom Ford this year, and that Jeff Bridges is choosing to wear Gucci. Menswear company Joseph Abboud--who regularly provides American-made tuxedos for high-profile NBA coaches and players and actors such as Tracy Morgan--has added his support for the Red Carpet boycott.

For more information about this campaign, please visit Tell Hollywood