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Wall Street Whitman: California's Future Isn't a Game
2010, Color, Video, 1 Minute 44 Seconds 
California Labor Federation
Wall Street Whitman - The Game
2010, Color, Flash-based Interactive Game
California Labor Federation

Adapted from California's Future Isn't a Game:

Meg Whitman has made a game of downsizing workers and outsourcing their jobs, and has gotten exceedingly rich in the process. And by attempting to buy the California Governor's Office, Whitman wants to take her game to the next level. While Whitman touts her business savvy as her primary qualification to become governor, a closer look at Whitman’s corporate background reveals a troubling portrait of someone who got rich at the expense of her own employees. Whitman is a career corporate executive who built a personal fortune by eliminating and outsourcing jobs and slashing workers’ benefits. Everywhere she’s been, she’s made out with lucrative bonuses, stock options and other compensation. And workers have suffered hardships as a result. When you connect the dots of her corporate career, it’s crystal clear her priority has always been profits, at any cost, above people. Based on her proposals for California – like cutting 40,000 state jobs, opposing the job-creating high-speed rail project and scaling back workers’ overtime pay and meal breaks – it’s evident that she would bring the same corporate agenda she’s advocated throughout her career to the governor’s office. That spells disaster for California.

Whitman’s corporate mentality would lead to higher unemployment, lower wages and fewer benefits for workers – in both the public and private sector. In fact, the only group that would benefit from a Whitman governorship is the exclusive club of large corporations and millionaires and billionaires from which she comes.

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