Andiamo's Boycott (2010)

Andiamo's Boycott
2010, Color, Video, 8 minutes 31 seconds
Producer Unknown

"UAW President Calls Boycott on Behalf of Detroit Restaurant Workers"
Kari Lydersen, In These Times - September 20, 2010

Workers fired from the Andiamo restaurant chain in the Detroit area took their campaign to a new level last week, with United Auto Workers (UAW) president Bob King joining them in calling for a boycott of the restaurant’s 11 locations in southeast Michigan.

The UAW has 150,000 members in the area, and is also calling on companies with which it has contracts – including Ford Motor Co. — and elected officials to boycott the chain. On Sept. 16 the UAW, Metro Detroit AFL-CIO and interfaith leaders joined ROC-Michigan and workers in trying to deliver a letter to management of Andiamo’s Dearborn location, where workers were fired for organizing with ROC-Michigan, an affiliate of the national Restaurant Opportunity Center.

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