4 from Harvey Richards

from Factory Farms
1959, Film
United Packinghouse Workers Union (UPWA)

from The Harvesters
1961, Film

from Uno Veintecinco
1961, Film

from The Land is Rich
1966, Film

"Harvey Wilson Richards [1912-2001] began using a camera in the 1950s when he was in his mid-forties. He became a photographer after years of working as a machinist in the San Francisco shipyards, and as a merchant seaman sailing the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. Before moving to San Francisco in 1940, Richards also worked as a union organizer in Philadelphia and Boston.

During his most active years as a photographer, from 1958 to 1978, Richards produced twenty two films on many subjects including farm labor, the civil rights movement locally and in the southern U.S., and the peace and anti-war movements. His long time concern for the environment led to films exposing the wasteful forestry practices going on nationally, especially in northern California and in Oregon, where he was born and raised."

For more information, please visit Estuary Press and The Harvey Richards Media Archive